Want to Be a Thought Leader? Perfect Career Not Required

If you believe you need the perfect career to be a thought leader, think again. Thought leadership transcends career. Perfection as a prerequisite for success is a myth, keeping many people from writing their book, starting their blog, or any other thought leadership content inside them. Perfectionism is a self-limiting belief that sounds a lot […]

Staying Relevant: Thought Leadership Content for Legacy Organizations

What happens when the trailblazers who shaped our nonprofit and education institutions fade into the sunset? Your content marketing strategy needs to carry the day with thought leadership content that bridge the gap between past and present. Years ago, I was a fundraiser (and later alumni director) for an international organization with roots that began […]

How to Use Content Marketing for Nonprofit Committees

Committees are a part of daily life in the typical college, university, or nonprofit. If you’re selling to a nonprofit, you’ve got to have content that makes committees swoon. Here’s what makes content marketing for nonprofit committees work. If you’re selling to nonprofits or higher education, committees will be involved. While it’s true that buying […]

5 Astonishing Ways Agencies Sabotage their Own Marketing

Embarrassed. Ashamed. Frustrated. You might feel this way if you’re a marketing agency owner struggling to keep up with their own marketing. But there’s a way out. I’ll never forget the call. I’d been hired to help with the content strategy and writing for an agency client. Like many agencies, they have a stable of […]

7 Must Have Components of a Story Mining System for Content Marketing

Gold doesn’t uncover itself. Diamonds don’t fall from the sky. And stories don’t tell themselves. Here are seven components you’ll need for your story mining system that will find, capture, and publish stories for your nonprofit or higher education marketing. It was a balmy day in early June when I walked into the team meeting […]